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Dongfeng Sunshine Service Enables Greater Reliability


On September 27, Dongfeng Trucks officially released a new service brand - Dongfeng Sunshine Service.

Since the launch of the "Sunshine Boy" in 2003, Dongfeng Trucks has developed its aftermarket offerings over the past 16 years. Now we have a complete service offering with multi-functional and comprehensive features, and a new service brand has been developed to reflect this. We now have 3 sub brands are: the complete vehicle brand (including Dongfeng KL, Dongfeng KR); the new powertrain brand that will be released shortly and the aftermarket service brand, called Dongfeng Sunshine Service.

In the face of new user demands, Dongfeng Trucks keeps expanding and deepening its services and user service concept. There are now five service business modules which are constantly expanding to support the implementation of Dongfeng Sunshine Service.


Dongfeng Sunshine Genuine Parts: To provide customers with high quality, high reliability and worry-free parts service. This includes a hotline: 027-84284889, and an email box: to report counterfeiting cases.


Dongfeng Sunshine Service Products: On top of the 24/7 service support (hotline: 4009005555, 0719-8885555), the Dongfeng Sunshine Service’s Products Portfolio covers different service agreements, such as Maintenance Agreement, Extended Warranty Agreement, Escrow Agreement and Full Package Agreement.

Dongfeng Sunshine Financial Platform: Provide customers with financial services such as vehicle financing, maintenance financing, road and bridge tolls financing freight financing, and diversified financial insurance products.


Dongfeng Sunshine Service Mall: Coming soon… It will provide customers with a one-stop solution for vehicle selection and buying parts and services on line.


Uptime Center: Providing “on the road” proactive service for customers through connectivity. It includes vehicle recovery, remote fault diagnosis, software downloads, proactive maintenance amongst a number of other services. It will help Dongfeng Trucks accurately define customer’ future needs and wants via collected data.

Dongfeng Sunshine Service not only provides an operational and guaranteed platform, but also takes the initiative to discover, meet and create user demands. It focuses on service capacity building and win-win cooperation with customers by conducting a new model that features wholeproduct life cycle and support customers in their operations.

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