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The Powertrain Brand of Dongfeng Trucks “Longqing” is Launched in Wuhan


On November 1, the 2019 China Commercial Vehicles Show was officially opened in Wuhan. Dongfeng Trucks joined in the exhibition promoting its message to customer "It’s All About Reliability". As part of this message Dongfeng Trucks Powertrain Brand, Longqing was launched and the company displayed a series of China IV emission standard powertrain products alongside the Dongfeng KL, Dongfeng KR, Dongfeng KC and new concept vehicles.

All-round Product and Service Support

In 1969, the first EQ6100 engine was manufactured by Dongfeng Trucks. By 1984, the truck equipped with EQ6100 engine had built a reputation of being the "hero truck" in China. In 1988, the Engine Plant and the Gearbox Plants were established and continued to produce quality drivelines. By 2018, the two plants were incorporated into the Powertrain Plant and in 2019, the Powertrain Plant was successfully transformed into the Powertrain Business Division.

Over the past 50 years of Dongfeng Trucks has developed five generations of engines and has made continuous progress in powertrain development. Focus has always been listening to the customer and creating customer value. From this the Dongfeng Truck Powertrain Brand of Longqing has been born with a brand-new mission – to pursue dreams through technology and create value through reliability.


The company now has a full range of powertrain ranging from 160Hp to 580HP. There are 4 kinds of engines and 2 kinds of gearboxes under the brand of Longqing, including DDi13 engine, DDi11 engine, DDi75 engine, DDi50 engine, DA14 AMT gearbox and DT14 manual gearbox. DA14 is the first heavy-duty AMT gearbox independently developed by Dongfeng Trucks. It has completely independent intellectual property rights and core technology and has successfully broken the technology monopoly of other transmission OEM’s, laying a solid foundation for improving the ability of producing independent powertrain.

An Independent Powertrain Brand that Demonstrates Dongfeng’s Strength

The launch of the Powertrain Longqing Brand, further signifies the strategic transformation of Dongfeng Trucks from a manufacturing enterprise to a commercial enterprise, adding another cornerstone to forge new leading advantages for Dongfeng Trucks. Dongfeng Trucks now has 3 integrated brands, namely Dongfeng Truck vehicle brands, Longqing Powertrain Brand and Dongfeng Sunshine Service brand.

Under the guidance of an independent innovation strategy, the launch of the Longqing Powertrain Brand helps communicate that Dongfeng Trucks will cooperate with global partners to promote the transformation from "Made in China" to "Created in China", from "China Speed" to "China Quality," and from "Chinese Products" to "Chinese Brands, and in so doing strengthen the construction of a brand powerhouse and the high-quality development of independent Chinese brands.

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